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line on bank of america, although the number came in a little bit below expectations, 60 cent, the credit trends are clearly improving a little bit. that's what's important here. we also of course had wells fargo. their numbers beat expectations but still got a lot of real estate problems out there from the old wachovia deals. how about the hmos here, yes, certainly any kind of confusion on the health care reform issue probably would benefit hmos, but in the general market, weakness after a couple of nice moves to the upside, they ended up close to the lows for the day. maria, back to you. >> bob, thanks very much. meanwhile, technology took a beating today despite ibm's strong earnings report. scott wapner manning the nymex for us. ibm set the tone, didn't it, scott. >> reporter: absolutely, maria. selling on the news is what we're seeing again. take a look at intel, for example, that stock had much better than expected earnings. the stock sold on the news. ibm, pretty good earnings as well. stock sold on the news. take a look at what the nasdaq's performance was today in tho
, exxonmobil, total and petrobras down. oil down. financials mostly weaker. bank of america being sued by the s.e.c. the obama administration considering a tax on some of the big banks. i don't need to tell you what the result was on those stocks. citigroup, bank of america, j.p. morgan chase and wells fargo under pressure. the market seemed to come off lows around the lunch hour. aetna reaffirmed the '09 forecast but sees 2010 eps modestly lower than 2009. the market seemed to take a leg lower. kb home slid today. it wouldn't make any money in the first quarter. the hartford is to the upside. it had a pretty good day as it raised its outlook. tiffany this san interesting story, a good story. global holiday sales up 17%. raise the outlook. as you see from looking at your screen, the stock was down. part of the reason could be tiffany has been performing well. the stock has been up more than 100%. >> fantastic performer. you are right. thanks, scott. >>> the weak start to earnings season being felt at the nasdaq with the index having the worst day in seven weeks. matt nesto is manning the market
email on vacation. that's happening now. america's most dependable 3g network. bringing you the first and only wireless 4g network. right now get a free 3g/4g device for your laptop. sprint. the now network. deaf, hard-of-hearing and people with speech disabilities access >>> let's take a look at the other business headlines on this takeover tuesday. four month hostile battle between kraft and cadbury comes to an end. $19.5 billion in cash and stock after kraft agreed to inject more cash and less stock. it is unlikely hershey will step up and make an offer. tyco international is buying broadview security for $1.9 billion. the deal previously known as brinks home security $42.50 a share, 39% premium. tyco plans to combine broadview with adt. met life is in final discussions to acquire aig's alico unit. they would pay $15 billion for that business. federal reserve chairman ben bernanke is asking the government accountability office for a full review of the bailout of aig. coming up, we hear from one former fed official who says this is bernanke's way of calling for
, very busy day today on wall street. we'll also tell you how corporate america is responding to the crisis in haiti. we're also waiting on intel's fourth quarter earnings report, which may very well set the tone for tomorrow's trading session. cnbc's silicon valley bureau chief jim goldman right new on the outlook for intel. jim? >> reporter: maria, 30 cents a share, $10.2 billion. that's the expectation that wall street is looking for when intel reports in justa i few minutes from now, but wow, are investors looking for something good. bidding these shares up by better than 2% today. and look at the volume on this company. well over 100 million shares traded. average day for these guy, 60 million. it's all going to come down with guidance and what they're looking for as far as q1 and q2 are concerned. those numbers, eminent, but ten minutes away. maria, back to you. >> jim with the latest there. a day on wall street today and a pretty good day as far as the markets are concerned. the dow jones industrial average finishing up about 30 points. it was off of the best levels of
jones and the s&p. individual stocks doing very well on the upgrades today. be that, ge, bank of america and the retailers also. employment report critical tomorrow. "closing bell" continues. [ closing bell ringing ] >>> and it is 4:00 on wall street. 1:00 p.m. here in las vegas. do you know where your money is? hi, everybody. welcome back to the "closing bell." i'm maria bartiromo. today, come to you live from the consumer electronics show in las vegas. coming up in the hour, we'll continue our look at the hottest trends at one of the most important technology trade shows in the country. plus, from an investment standpoint, tech has been leading the way. we'll talk to some of the industry's most innovative minds. dreamworks animation ceo jeffrey katzenberg among them. he'll give us his vision for 3-d entertainment. he was with us last year and he predicted it would be the hot trend. plus, pure digital technology ceo jonathan kaplan with me giving us an inside look at the future of sharing home videos. all of that a head on "closing bell." >>> a look at the day on wall street. we had fur
against bank of america as the two plan to go to trial on march 1st over bank of america bonuses. s.e.c. says basically, you know what, bank of america should have revealed the merrill loss es. to bank of america before that deal was finalized. bank of america not impacted with that news. finishing with a gain of just over 1%. highlighting campaign manager comments coming out of the jpmorgan health care conference. coming from the ceo jamie dimon. a number of things, including compensation on wall street, that -- saying that there is no question the compensation was excessive and exacerbated. mr. dimond also said no company is too big to fail and of course need a major overhaul of the financial regulatory system. something that he's been saying for quite some time. we're watching jpmorgan because it reports its earnings on friday as well. >> thanks very much, mary thompson. break down the trading action that we've been seeing in this session. joining me with a look of what is another business day is executive vice president and chief investment officer with harris private bank. alon
's interesting to invest money. the two principle areas now are in the united states, canada, north america and in asia. so both of those areas present a lot of very interesting opportunities. >> and when you're looking -- when you're on the ground in asia, where do you see the most vibrancy? we talk about china so much and some people question whether or not we can believe those number, 10.7 economic growth. is that what you are seeing when you are on the ground in china and is asia that you are looking. >> there are many places in asia. i think that's a limited approach. for example, we like india a lot. we've owned -- we own approximately eight companies now and right you in the middle buying two more. the indian growth story is really, really strong. china, of course, is really sort of on fire now. it's strong but it's got a lot of stimulus that's creating that strength but people are very aggressive, intelligent and it's clear that the leadership of the country is going to try and keep that growth rate at least in the 8% to 10% year-end. >> reporter: you say that the leverage is increa
of america's auto industry and then on into silicon valley. our steve liesman in our capital covering the contentious hearings surrounding timothy geithner's role in the aig bailout. we've got jim goldman in san francisco with the latest of apple's highly anticipated tablet. we've got our own phil lebeau in park ridge, illinois, following the latest developments following toyota's massive vehicle recall, that's a huge story. and hampton pearson is in washington with the details behind today's fed announcement. bob pisani's at the new york stock exchange tracking today's big movers. wow be we've got off. basis covered. but first, treasury secretary tim geithner under fire today on capitol hill, while testifying on how aig and the -- and on aig and the bailpourpts cnbc senior economics reporter steve liesman is in washington with the details. steve? >> reporter: thanks, melissa. what's clear is that artillery shales were flying at hearings today. less clear is whether any of them landed on their mark, tim geithner. were lambasted today by congressman for bailing out goldman sachs. costi
for your commentary today. >>> a new day for bank of america. new ceo brian moynihan speaking for the first time since take over the job. we'll tell you what he is saying and what his plans are for the nation's biggest bank. [ male announcer ] welcome to the now network. frannie, matt and james just got three of sprint's best 3g phones. frannie has the palm pre, which runs multiple apps at the same time. frannie! oh! [ male announcer ] james, the jet-setter, can call from just about anywhere in the world with the international tour. and matt has the customizable htc hero with google -- giving him access to thousands of apps. [ tires screech ] bringing you the first and only wireless 4g network, as well as the most impressive lineup of phones. sprint. the now network. deaf, hard-of-hearing and people with speech disabilities access >>> the new head of bank of america making his first official address as ceo today, north carolina. cnbc's mary thompson is there with more on brian moynihan's first public appearance. mary? >> reporter: amanda, moynihan delivered a cautious o
in that respect what we talked about earlier in terms of pricing recovery, coming in north america, it's critical for the company and the stock. >> we've got the revenue out right now on google just crossing the wire, $6.67 billion in revenue. that compares to an estimate of $4.92 billion in revenue. we are waiting on the profitability numbers. $6.48 a share is the estimate on earnings per share on revenue -- here we go. $4.95 billion in revenue is the number. $4.95 billion in revenue versus estimate of $4.92 billion. and the earnings -- the nongap eps is $6.79 a share. $6.79 a share versus $6.48 a share profit. david, your initial reaction to these numbers? on the street will be happy respect to the hevnew number. obviously, we haven't seen the number yet in terms of what their cost per click or pricing action was doing in the quarter. that's going to be the important thing that comes out of conference call that starts at 4:30. >> let's get on jim goldman here. jim, we've got numbers here on a per share basis, $6.79 a share versus estimate of $6.78 on revenue of $4.95 billion. wha
insights tonight. see you soon, thank you. >>> america's top banking executives facing music on capitol hill today about their roles in the recent financial crisis and their company's roles, more importantly. issues, such as bank bonuses, still making waves on wall street and main street alike. up next find out what some experts are saying what needs to be done in terms of incentives and the hot-button issues specifically of compensation. >>> plus the worst earthquake in more than 200 years in haiti. we've got the latest development nmts wake of that major disaster in the caribbean nation. stay with us on that. >>> later on, my one on one with billionaire investor sam zell, coming at nus a few moments. find out what he says about the real estate recovery, what's possible later on this year. he's coming up. >>> welcome back, as wall street gets state pay out new record bonuses for 2009, representative barney frank will hold a hearing on pay at financial firms. mary thompson now with the story. >> reporter: maria, calling compensation in the financial industry, a legitimate concern for th
at some of these other names. bank of america a big lose or the name, down 3%. citigroup, capital one also losing on the day, talking about charge-offs and how they are continuing to rise. i did mention off of the top, however how commodity stocks were weaker today. yes the dollar was higher. oil was lower. gold stocks were lower today. all of the subsequent stocks relating to commodities for the most part to the downside. you had energy names and metal names also to the downside today. chips, mostly lower. intel had blowout numbers. what can you say, gross margins hit a record there, but it was classic sell on the news. and intel stock yesterday hit a fresh new 52-week high as well. so that just lends itself to the reason why, perhaps, we saw some profit-taking across the technology space today. texas instruments, terradyne and micron, also to the downside. take a look at some of the fertilizer names as well. it was interesting day there, as cf terminated its offer for terra, cf rosa. and agrium for cf. potash, the stock finished looks to be a fractional loser there. and office supply com
fine and the surrounding countries in south america. so there are a lot of areas of growth in the overall auto market. >> reporter: but competitors are pretty significant. competitors coming out of china in addition to japan. how serious are those competitors? coming out with smaller cars that people are buying. >> they are serious. every time you have a large market developing it brings with it a -- it's own car manufacturer so i would not be surprised to see in the next ten years the emergence of a global powerhouse from china. one or two global. or one from india. so far we didn't see it, so far we didn't see it so competition is mainly between the globalmakers in china and in india. but it's, you know, we're expecting this to happen. so far we haven't seen it. >> reporter: and the state of the union address, president obama really put jobs on the front burner now because the american people are saying that's what we want you to focus on. >> exactly. >> reporter: mr. president. so what kind of incentives might be available or would you like to see as a businessperson out
quarter -- in the last few quarters for these companies. bank of america also weaker although having a very, very strong week, up just about 13% in the first week of trade. industrials were the standout as a mentioned thanks to u.p.s. after it raised its estimates for the fourth quarter. that gave a lift to its rival, federal express. general electric, the parent of cnbc, up for the second day in a row after some positive analyst comments, ge up 10% in the first week of trading in 2010 as well. of course, u.p.s. and federal express contributing to the huge gains we've seen in the dow transportation average. up 86 points and saw strength in the railroads today, they contributed to that. did see weakness in some of the consumer stocks, notably coca-cola after jpmorgan cut its rating on the soft drink giant because of concerns that it won't -- its stock doesn't have much higher today given the 18% premium by coca-cola. came under pressure after the electronics retailer said its same-store sales for the month of december was strong, nevertheless, did not raise its earnings outlook and so
with us holding up throughout the day? citigroup up 4%. bank of america up 3%. keycorp moved up and these stocks helped hold the market together. >> let's break it down. we have richard sparks and antonio dwyer with ftn capital markets. gentlemen, thanks for your time today. one of the most used phrased, overused phrases of 2010 seems to be cautiously optimistic or guardedly optimistic. i'm wondering which camp you fall into more guarded or more optimi optimistic. richard, what about you? >> we are more optimistic. because a lot of others are so guarded. we see the skepticism in the market as evidence there has not been a lot of wholesale buy-in to this rally. it has been significant in terms of duration. we think there is money on the sideline to fuel this market higher in 2010. we see it going up. >> do you agree, tony? >> we do. anybody watching this show and listening to the other guys, the investors' intelligence, the newsletter writers have showed a 20-year low in the bearish percentage of newsletter writers. out of a major bear market low, that is a normal occurrence. in
. america's most dependable 3g network. bringing you the first and only wireless 4g network. right now get a free 3g/4g device for your laptop. sprint. the now network. deaf, hard-of-hearing and people with speech disabilities access in the north of england to my new job at the refinery in the south. i'll never forget. it used one tank of petrol and i had to refill it twice with oil. a new car today has 95% lower emissions than in 1970. exxonmobil is working to improve cars, liners of tires, plastics which are lighter and advanced hydrogen technologies that could increase fuel efficiency by up to 80%. >>> time for one last check on some of the key after hours movers. interesting surprises. matt nesto has the latest. >> check out gilead. looks to be 2% higher. record fourth quarteand full year for 2009. 93 cents a share comfortably above 85 cent estimate. that stock is moving sharply higher in the after hours, erasing a loss in the regular session getting back to where they go. product sales up 30% which is key and revenues up 42% to a better than expected $2 billion fr
go too far and hurt wall street competitiveness and the u.s. economy overall? >>> plus, is america facing a serious economic crisis. >> a new survey, do americans really believe that government can get us out of economic downturn? you'll be interested in this. ♪ at the end of the day in sitka, alaska, everyone awaits the return of the fishing boats. ♪ their safe arrival is highly anticipated, ♪ as is something else. a shipment of natural sea salt from cargill, essential for preserving the catch. we deliver the salt on precise schedules... and ship it efficiently all along the alaskan coast; saving the fishermen money, and their catch. this is how cargill works with customers. >>> welcome back. we already know that washington is outraged by big financial companies, including some that showed federal bailout dollars paying big bonuses. president obama going so far to say that some bonuses are "obscene." is main street just as upset or is the administration fueling the flames? the mayor of athens, ohio, says that the people there don't like payouts, but he doesn't think they're
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